JourneyDance Sacred Embodiment:You are the Prayer International JourneyDance Event

$45.00 $35.00

Sacred Embodiment ~ You are the Prayer; An International JourneyDance Event

JourneyDance™ teachers will fuse their energy across the miles to create the 2nd JourneyDance international event. We invite YOU to join this powerful, transformational movement as we come together to RAISE the vibrations of our Planet through DANCE! Offering ourselves, our light and our darkness, our thoughts, our words, our breath and our movement, all as PRAYER for healing and transformation.

Join the Chrysalis team - Denise- JourneyDance facilitator, Kate yogi/meditation teacher and Michelle sound healer in collaboration with Prana Power Yoga to host this 2-hour JourneyDance Event where we will come together to meditate, experience sound healing and dance freely with intention, fierceness, and love. Enjoy the power of expression. Let go of what holds you in resistance. Emerge from numbness into feeling. Embrace and integrate all parts of yourself. As you move and dance your way through this workshop you will unlock your expressive sacred souls dance and whole-heartedly celebrate your presence.

Join the JourneyDance tribe along with hundreds of dancers to simultaneously energize LOVE and PRAYERS. 

Sunday Oct 15 2-4pm at Prana Power Yoga 356 Cambridge St. Woburn, MA 01801

Cost is $35 or $45 at the door

Dress in comfortable clothing no dancing ability required
For more details of what this International JourneyDance event is about Go here

You are the Prayer

You. Are. Enough. It’s that simple. You are worthy and essential, exactly as you are.  And the world needs you. 

You are the prayer, your body, your movement, your breath.  When you give your attention and become your full presence you reconnect to soul Source. You become the moving prayer in connection to self, other, and divine love. You open to oneness. 

Imagine feeling vibrantly alive and strengthening your connection to Spirit, so that you can trust and rely on it.

Become the prayer that you already are, just waiting to be expressed.