Vibe Tribe Private Facebook Group Nov 1 - Dec 29, 2017

Free Shipping!

Come join us ! We are building a global community of soul seekers, love warriors, peaceful students, mommies, and yogis. So much fun and a place to find support and accountability. It's only $11 a month! Less than what you pay for your weekly coffee or Kombucha!

You will have the opportunity to practice meditation with Vanessa, Monday, October 2 - Friday, December 29, 2017.  These meditations air live on Facebook for 10 minutes each Monday through Friday at 6:30am EST with unscheduled pop-ups on weekends and some guided meditations during lunch hour. She is available to answer questions live online for 5 minutes following, though you are welcome to inbox her anytime with questions. Expect 48 hours for a returned response. Vanessa is a certified meditation teacher and has been practicing mindfulness for ten years. Don't worry about catching the meditation at 6:30, the live video will be held in the FaceBook group for you to watch again and again! 

Your membership also includes Denise's weekly "Sitch in the Kitch" held on Fridays at 12:30 PM EST. Here she shares nutritious, simple recipes and music from her kitchen and sometimes you'll catch her break into a mini dance party! This is also a live feed where Denise can respond directly to your nutritional questions and help guide you to foods that will work for your lifestyle, budget, and body. Denise is a registered nurse with a masters in corporate wellness and extensive background in cooking and nutrition and JourneyDance facilitator.  Here is your place to get your zen on, your belly fed and your hips a groovin:)

You can also expect to be introduced to (or reminded of) alternative healing modalities, spiritually-based mental health practices, and more.

After you check out here, please visit Facebook and search "Chrysalis Vibe Tribe." You will be admitted to the group within 24 hours. If you have trouble with your membership, please email Be as active or as quiet as you wish. Your level of participation is up to you.  We are grateful for your practice, your health, your positive vibes. Peace Out!